Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Health Update

Only sort of related to today's post, but I've been meaning to share for a few days!
Doctor Recommended. 

In my last post about Vulvodynia, I talked about how the treatment process was going to unravel. It’s been a few weeks since, and I’m a about to go in for another round of physiotheraphy and cognitive behaviour therapy tomorrow. 

So far, it hasn’t been what I’ve expected. Not that I really knew what to expect, but, hey, we all create some sort of idea in my head. 

I’ve been bad. I was assigned homework from last time, and... you guessed it, I didn’t really follow through. My trouble was finding time. 

On the bus today, I did my worksheets. We had to do a cognitive behavioural square about our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and actions regarding a non sexual activity, a painful sexual activity, and then a painless sexual activity. The last one was the hardest because I just don’t. I don’t know what that would even mean. I also did my other worksheet, but the example they did up in the book pretty much hit the nail on that one. 

As to physio. I failed. I tried to consciously think of the things that she told me to do. But I still don’t know where my pelvic floor muscle is.... I can’t seem to separate it from my butt muscle and my stomach muscle (I’m not a doctor, or anyone who knows the names on the muscles, that’s just they way they are too me) 

And I completely failed at doing any mindfulness. I just didn’t have the time. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! It is hard to take 10 minutes to myself to do nothing--- not when I have so much going on, and sometimes, I just want to ‘relax’ my way. 

I guess I could practice it right now on the bus... failed. 

..... I have been able to wear jeans more often in better news! 


  1. Congrats on being able to wear jeans more often. Im on my weight loss journey and so far im staying motivated and on track. Im one of your newest followers from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I would love for you to follow me back http://www.navywif33.com

  2. Hi! I have endometriosis, and have found that most forms of exercise make my pain worse, I just wanted to write you because I found a set of 6 CDs called Pelvic Health and Awareness, by Deborah Bowes that I can do and that helps AND doesn't make things worse. It's based on Feldenkrais, which is a form of movement therapy where you do very tiny, or even imaginary movements (often I find that's best for me!) to release certain patterns your body may have gotten into - and often release it from pain - my way of understanding it is that - say you have a very tight muscle, but your brain thinks that the muscle is relaxed - doing this slight imaginary tightening of the muscle helps your brain to understand that the muscle is tight, and therefore to release it - it works way better than stretching a muscle, to relax it! Here is a link with an interview about this program. I've also tried From Prolapse to Pelvic Power, by Barbara Bell and Judy Pippen, but I don't find it as user-friendly. So much love and all the best!!! http://www.feldenkraissf.com/pelvichealthinterview.cfm



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