Saturday, 27 October 2012

Playing with Puppies

Yesterday was my Birthday. 
I am now officially as old as my husband. 
For one month.

I had to work yesterday.
It was scheduled for only 3 hours.
But worked more because my TL had a seizure the night before (sad, she's better) and my ASM now has a broken rib from a fall the day before. 

Before work, puppies were dropped off for a grooming appointment. They were then picked up.
When I got home, I wanted to go for a walk and take some pictures with my birthday gift - my new sony nex 5r camera!

So, we loaded up the dogs, I woke up my sleeping husband, and that's what we did.
The fresh snow and decaying leaves are the same colour as my dogs, and we admit, every now and then, it was hard to find them! 


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  2. Thanks! I love them to bits! They are super adorable, even though I always thought of myself as a cat person, I love my dogs



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