Sunday, 28 October 2012

Winter Dog Care????

I was going to wait till another day to post this.
But it snowed like a lot last night.
I feel so underprepared. My dogs coats aren't made.
They don't have booties. And they aren't loving the snow at all!

The snow has fallen.
Now, how do I take care of my puppies?

The First Thing I've done in prep is taken them to the groomers.
I had their paws trimmed.
From what I hear, I'm going to have to be careful of their paws getting frost bite and ice clumps, and of the deicing chemicals on the roads when I take them for walk. 

The Second thing I'm working on is dog jackets.
My boarder suggested coats for when it gets REALLY cold and windy. 
At what temperature should my dogs where there coats?
anyone have any advice on winterizing their dogs?

The Third thing I'm thinking about is dog booties.

I've been thinking of making matching ones to their jackets. 
Like this pattern here or this one
Or buying some from Etsy or the Pet Store.

What are your ideas on dog shoes? Do you let your dogs where the shoes?

I'm also seeing some information about balms... 
 Something like this or this one, Mushers Secret
or maybe homemade recipes like this one

The Fourth thing I'm thinking about is house training.
Daisy already has a disadvantage. 
But today, I came home to not one, not two, but 4 puddles on my linoleum. 
This is Capers first winter.
Daisy has already expressed disinterest in snow. 

Puppy Pads? How can I puppy pad train my puppies? 

Check out these Nine Must haves...
And I must remember this post too about small dog care in the winter.

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