Thursday, 18 October 2012

Vancouver - Trip 5

Return From Vancouver, Trip 5
I now have 2 or 3 more trips to Vancouver left until my time at MVP is done and I have to somehow finish my treatment regime on my own in Prince George. 

Today it’s rainy. I have no socks. My feet are cold, and the movies being played on the northern health bus aren’t as good as Tuesday. 

But, I had a great time in Vancouver! 

First, on Tuesday night, my mommy and I went and saw Pitch Perfect! Loved it! Super sweet movie. I had a good time. I love feel good movies like Pitch Perfect. Originally I had thought it was a new tv show, and I searched on my Telus TV guide for it, but failed. Then one more commercial later, it clicked in and I realized it was a movie! 

Second, on Wednesday morning mom and I hit up Ikea! 
That’s right, this time I brought the medium size suitcase, instead of the carry on. I packed it half full, and was full fledged ready to pack it full of Vancouver goodies! 

So, what did I pick up?
Well, some more drawer organisers, a pan lid organiser, christmas snowflake life, glass jars for sugar, potatoe peelers, another dog tail to hang leashes on, sock drawer organisers, a few more things, and then in the clearance section I found a little kid pop up laundry basket.... More on that later. 

I was late, again, for my appointment. I don’t have a good track record at this point. 

Physiotherapy. Group Therapy. 

Third, I stopped into the Sony store and bought my Birthday gift! 
It hasn’t come into store in PG, so I took advantage of PG to get my new camera --- the SONY NEX 5R, as pictured in the previous post. Can’t wait to try out all of the new and cool features. Been playing with it all day.

And then, it’s today, and I’m on my way back home.

And now that I'm home... tensions are high, since house man failed. 

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