Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Master Bedroom Update

At this very moment, my remote, the tv, and I are in a heated battle. Everytime I try to turn on the cable box, the tv turns off, and vice versa. I'll get it eventually. 

Something Cute in our simple bedroom! We might have moved in, but we still need decorations on the wall, and nightstands, and curtains! 
Moving into the Master Bedroom 
We’ve been living in our master bedroom for two months now. 
For a wedding gift my mom and step dad offered to purchase us a new bed set. And with that we moved into our mast bedroom.

Some context is needed. We moved into our new house knowing we’d need/or get a new bed. So we moved our bed at the time into one of the spare bedrooms. With the though that we wouldn’t have to move beds.

Mid August, we finally broke down and committed to buying a matteress and bed. We bought our matteress at the Brick, and we bought our bed frame from Costco. With a new bed coming into place the rest of the master had to be put into place! (We rented a truck to bring it all home! xp )


Shades of grey for the walls. Three walls are a lighter shade of “Helium” with an accent wall in “Zeplin”.We went with gray because, a while back Eric and I had bought red curtains for the master. Grey goes nicely with red. The curtains aren’t even being used for the windows anymore, but for the closets (because I hate the mirrors that came with). 

Bad Blurry Picture of the entire grey 
Painting was a surprising hassle, as I choose the light shade of grey, painted the ENTIRE bedroom and then decided that I HATED it. Husband's answer was an accent wall. It works. I still can't get over that each wall looks like a different shade of grey, which is slightly odd...

Two Tone now. 
In the end, I'm happy.
I just need to do my laundry more often.
Vacumn the Floors. 
Order Wedding Pictures
And encourage ourselves to make the bed

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  1. Newest follower here! I found you through the Tuesday blog hop! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!



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