Monday, 15 October 2012

Show and Tell; When I was 17

1. When you were 17, tell us what kind of car you drove, where you worked, and what you were usually up to on the weekends?
When I was 17, I drove my mom's minivan.
I worked at Bluenotes as a part time sales associate. 
On weekends, I was usually going to camp with my Ranger unit, or just hanging out. Like this scavenger hunt of Vancouver for example. 

2. Show us a picture of you when you were 17 {roughly}.
That goofy facebook photo  pick from the day...

3. When you were 17, tell us what you wanted to be when you "grew up."
A librarian.
My dad got me this. 

4. When you were 17, tell us the kind of boys that you dated. Did you have a type? Do you have a relationship you remember well? Tell us about it.

I didn't. 
I dated someone when I was 16. 
He was gay.
When I was 17 I had a few crushes.
One of them also turned out to be gay. 
My life sucked. 

I guess I was 17 when I started to date Nathan. He was younger than me, was a drummer in a band, kinda nerdy, kinda quiet, kinda hard to get, kinda cute, but kinda weird... I usually went for the guys who were introverted. 

5. When you were 17, tell us where you pictured your life 10 years from then. Did it turn out the way you expected it to?

I figured I'd still be in school. I'd still be somewhere else. Somewhere more exotic than Northern BC, maybe Montreal.
10 years hasn't passed yet. Only 5... I'm definitely on a different tract. One more similiar to what I imagine my mother had in mind --- minus the whole getting married thing, buying a house, and owning two dogs. 

Just Before Halloween at College

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